Heritage Walk

The Gippsland Heritage Walk is made up of 72 panels on the history of Gippsland around the lake at Kernot Hall, Princes Way, Morwell adjacent to the Gippsland Immigration Wall of Recognition.

The themes used on the walk and presented in text and images are - Gunaikurnai history, Coming to Gippsland, Settling In, Energy(electricity, gas, oil), Life in Gippsland, Government, Rule of Law, Transport, War Time, Educating Gippsland, Serving Gippsland (emergency services) and Gippsland Community (immigrants, early sport, population, government towns).

The Walk is adjacent to Gippsland Immigration Park. The beginning and end are marked by two large archways.

This is an excellent venue for a day excursion to look at the various aspects of Gippsland history. Start with the Gippsland Immigration Wall of Recognition and then move on to the panels which begin with Gunaikurnai history.

It is an excellent venue to learn about the history of Gippsland for both young and old. Combined with a trip to Old Gippstown, it would make an excellent day of history.

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