About the wall

The Gippsland Immigration Wall of Recognition stands in the centre of the park. The focal point of the monument is a statue of a migrant, standing with his case which holds all he owns, his hand to his forehead. The hand shades the eyes from the strong Australian sun. The stance of the figure suggests an optimistic forward looking figure, eager to take up new opportunities in this new land.

In a semi-circle around the statue are seven walls of granite. Four of these walls have bronze plaques on the north side of which there is a graphic display of the history of immigration into Gippsland using four themes - 'Departing / Arriving, Settling, Working, Achieving'. The remaining three walls facing north have the names of immigrant families who have lived and worked in Gippsland. The south facing walls are available for the inscription of further names, some of which have already been inscribed. One of the plaques also includes text explaining the history of immigration into Gippsland.

A deck sits out from the edge of the lake giving the suggestion of a port and symbolises the place where so many migrants arrived.